Northlake Final 2017.06.23

Bud Goblisch
over 2 years agoSeptember 4, 2017
This is adding more mileage and stop lights for commuters, and not really correcting the problem which is the railroad tracks. The intersection works quite well in its current configuration, and this seems like a waste of money. Jog Road already serves some of these proposed changes. I would think there is adequate property south of Northlake to move the flyover there.
Chloe C
almost 2 years agoApril 25, 2018
I'm not sure I see the value in this proposal over the flyover (other than the stated retian PGA National homesale value). This traffic growth layout seems to introduce more collision opportunities and yellow light running for drivers of these two roads.
Nick Moore
almost 2 years agoApril 30, 2018
So PGA National residents complain and the plan changes. Now Steeplechase residents are complaining about the new plan. Meanwhile, residents of communities west of the Bee Line suffer delays and long lines during rush hour. A flyover is the obvious solution. Just move it further south of Northlake so it does not impact the PGA residents. Of course, that will require the cooperation of WPB and their track record regarding SR7 isn't encouraging.
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